Islamic Conquests

Assalaamualaykum In a debate, someone mentioned that Muslims cannot criticise British colonialists regarding dispossession of land. His reasoning is that conquered land no longer belongs to the conquered people and they can thus be forced off the land at the discretion of the conquerer. He contends that Sahaabah also did the same. In general is …

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Who to take Islamic lessons from

Asak How are we to know from the person we take Islamic lessons is 100% correct? Most are fake most are having affairs coming in the news most are double standards then how to know who to follow? These days everyone is trying to get knowledge and thinks they are right who is right who …

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Islamic internet forums

What is the status of these Islamic internet forums where males and females openly talk with each other via text on Islamic issues? It is laypeople speaking with other laypeople, not a scholar answering the questions of females.

Diabetics Fasting

Salaams WRT diabetes & fasting there R 2 perspectives the medical & islamic perspective on the medical side i was advised not to fast due to the damage the fast may cause to the body and organs on the islamic side i have been advised to keep the fast as it is possible please give …

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Finance and Investments

AssalamuAlaikum Mufti 1. I have a problem understanding how so called Islamic finance from a bank like FNB can be Halal. To me, logically, mathematically, and financially, the transaction that is branded as a trade, where they charge profit for buying a home, or a vehicle, is exactly the same as the transaction where they …

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Female islamic education

Question .In this day & age, where female Islamic education is necessary & males are not fulfilling their Islamic duty of educating their women, would you please: 1. Advise specifically on each of the scenarios below & 2. If any one or more of the scenarios below are Haraam, Makrooh, undesirable or not advised please …

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