can i work in insurance if i work in IT department?

Insurance payout

Assalamualaikum Muhtaram Mufti Saheb I live in a sectional title complex, and pay a monthly levy to the managing agents. As part of that levy, insurance is included. I am not involved in that process, all I do is pay the levy as per the managing agents invoice. While we were out of the house, …

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Commercial tenants want insurance; Offsetting bank charges with interest

Question 1: A 10million rand commercial property was bought , replacement value around 15million. Current tenants will not sign new lease if building and third party liability insurance for workers are not covered. No tenant will sign a lease if they are not insured. What’s the way forward for commercial tenants and buildings? Question 2: …

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Permissibility of insurance

Asalam o Alaikum Mufti sahab , You have mentioned in several fatawa that you consider insurance to be permissible but Makrooh. On the other hand , the vast majority of Ulama consider insurance to be completely haraam due to containing elements of both gambling and riba/interest. While I have the utmost respect for you , …

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Uses of interest

AssalamuAlaikum respected Muftisaheb. After working for government I have resigned and received some money that includes my own compulsory pension contribution, the employers contribution and some interest. 1.) is my contribution and the employers contribution together without the interest Halaal for me to use? 2.) I want to pay off my car and my husbands …

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Taking out a Life Insurance Policy on your Musharaka Home Loan

Aslm Mufti Referring to a previous question on your website (ID – 22054) on this topic, I would like to find out if it is permissable to take out life insurance on a Musharaka Home Loan if the lenders do not make it a compulsory condition. Jazakallah


Assalaamualaikum. My question is regarding the question relating to Question ID: 20762. I have heard from other Ulama that insurance is haraam due to it containing gambling and interest. According to your fatwa, it is permissible, yet makrooh. So is it permissible for one to take out insurance? What reason will we give for its …

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السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُُ. I live in Zimbabwe. 1: Is full comprehensive insurance for motor vehicles allowed. 2: Am I allowed to use an insurance broker that is muslim owned for licencing and insurance of my vehicle. Jazakallah.