Rules of ihraam

Slm..before a woman goes into ihraam is she allowed to put creams and perfume etc? When she is in ihraam and one suffers from severe dry lips and skin…can vaseline be used or medicated creams without a scent?

Using a herbal toothpaste in ihraam

Is it permissible to use herbal miswaak toothpaste whilst in the state of ihraam? If not what is the penalty for a person that used it a several times?

Ihraam for umrah

asalaam mufti, hope you are well inshallah. I live in Riyadh (saudi arabia) and I plan on going for umrah in 2 weeks time, can I dawn the ihraam at the jeddah airport and make my intention there and recite the talbiya? 2 can I dawn the ihraam on the plane but only make my …

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When to perform Umrah

Slmz Mufti, My son is living in Jeddah and we intend visiting him during the Dec holidays. We intend spending are few days with his family.My question is should we be in Ihraam whilst at his place or can we put on Ihraam when we leave his place to perform Umrah. The other alternative is …

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Ihraam and Haj

Q: A person goes during the months of Hajj with an Ihraam of Umrah to Makkah (Mukarrmah). After performing Umrah he comes out of his Ihraam and then goes to Madeenah (Munawwarah) with the intention of returning to Makkah Mukarramah before Haj. 1) What Ihraam is he now permitted to put on from Madeenah (Munawwarah) …

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Wearing the ihraam

Assalumu- Alaikum Does the ihram have to be worn before landing into Jeddah by air?

Menstruation and ihraam

As salaamualaykum Mufti Saheb Insha Allah I intend performing Umrah. I intend on spending 5 nights in Madinah first and then 8 nights in Makkah. My menstrual cycle is irregular and for health reasons doctors have advised that I cannot use any medication to regularise the cycle. My concern is how will the Ihraam work. …

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