Dream of seeing a happy person

Aoa I had this dream which reminded me of something that had happened exactly at this date last year … Jan 16 My dream was that I was in a classroom with other classmates and friends and I saw the person that (I had fallen in love with before and we got into a fight …

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Dream of bank notes

as-salaamu alaykum Mufti. Two years ago in the summer of 2014, i remember i had a dream where i was at the train station waiting on the platform to catch the train to work, in the dream i see on the left handside my Manager at his desk working and on the right handside i …

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Dream of being pregnant

Asalamualaikum I had this dream in which I was pregnant and my whole family was happy but my husband wasn’t. Please kindly interpret this dream . jazakallah khair

Dream of being happy

AOA i did istakhara to know whether certain person is right for me or not? I like someone and dont he likes me or not or he is meant to be mine or am i on the right path to know this I did istakhara to seek guidence from Allah to guide me whether its …

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Dreamt of being pregnant

I dreamt that I was pregnant and I’m expecting a son. I was very happy with the news in the dream. And felt very happy when I woke up. I’m not married and still a virgin. Please help me understand what this dream means.