Haj Qurbani

Slmz. I was told that When performing Haj and the Dumm Qurbani is done in Makkah, you still have to slaughter a animal in your home country? Is this true? Jazakullah


Dear Mufti Salaam Now with additional 1000 can you stay outside Mina for the hajj. Is this valid or invalid or maroon. Please advise Thanks

Haiz during Hajj

As salaam mu alaikum We are planning to go for Hajj this year, Inshallah 1. I would like to know when I am menstruating what ibaadat can i perform? 2. If I am menstruating while it is Hajj time what can I do and will the Hajj be accepted? Will I have to do another …

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Dream of coming back from hajj

Aslaamualaikum 1) My uncle’s daughter dreamt that I came back from Hajj. What does this dream mean? My uncle’s daughter is very clever in her studies and she is also anorexic. She also recently spent a few months in hospital where she was given help for eating disorders and anorexic. Jazakallah

Hugging after coming from Hajj

Assalamu alaikum, Respected MUFTI Sahab, I would to know if it is correct to hugg three time a person who has comeback from hajj. What should be done and what should be avoided when someone or our relatives come back from hajj or are going on hajj. Should one greet them, hug them etc. Should …

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Dream of going for hajj

Assalamu alaikum mufti saab.I got a dream that I was.going for hajj and I sat in a bus asking me to drop at mecca.he said that this bus is going to west bengal from there also you can go so I sat and he dropped me there and it was night and there few ladies …

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Asalamualaykum mufti saab..my question is on mortgage,20 years ago apparently there was a mufti who passed a fatwa that you can buy a house in countries like the U.k on mortgage as your first house because of the reason that it is unaffordable to buy a house cash.what is your view? My second question is …

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