Is it permissible to join the gym

please advise if it is permissible to join the gym. The gym has facilities to improve my health .I don’t listen to the music as I put my earphones on.It is easier to exercise at the gym than at home,or outside.

Gym supplement

slms there is a gym supplement which contains 150mg of red wine extract. Is this product halaal or haraam? Jzk

Training in the gym in Ramadan

Asak mufti During Ramadan am I allowed or can I do fast interval training in the gym? Is it recommended it’s very hardcore sweaty and always thirsty? Regards

Attending gym

I attend the virgin active gym .please advise if it permissible to attend .as I need to get fit and lose weight.there are males and females-mixed ,some moulanas also is constantly on at the gym.