What to read for asking Allahs help for the peole of Gaza

Salmz My family of +-30 people have been reading Yaseen khatum for the people of Gazza. Is it more beneficial for them to read Surah fatiha or continue with Yaseen for victory and help of Allah SWT. Maaf for the late request. You may reply when you free. JazakALLAH

Janaza salaah

Assalamualikum Mufti Sahab, When we pray Namaz E-Janaza there are 3 different dua’s for male/female,Boy and girl. in these situation if one don’t know dua can he read surah fatiha with intention of dua, because scholars told that it is not advisable to read quran in funeral namaz. please advise me any book to get …

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Acceptance of dua

Asalamu Aleikum, I would like to know is it true if one wants to make duaa and recites surah fatiha 41 times its a Guarantee that ALLAH will grant you what ever you pray for??? Shukran Jazakallah.

Fancy abayas;fatiha at funerals

As Salaam U Alaykum 1 – Mufti, is it permissible to make fancy Abaya’s to sell? 2- Is there any significance to read “Fatiha” at a funeral? Jazakhallah

surah fatiha in jamaat

Asalm MuftiI have a question pertaining to Sallah with jamaat. I am a Hanafi muslim. Through out my life when performing Sallah with Jamaat i would begin my salah with Thana and Audubiliah, then remain silent and listen to the imam and not read either surah fatiha or qiraat. I would not read in all …

Read moresurah fatiha in jamaat