Dream of kids not eating

The following dream was related to me from my mother about my kids. She was at a gathering and everyone was eating besides my kids. My mother than asked my wife wife to feed them and also told the kids to go eat.

Dream of eating a sandwich

Assalamualaikum Mufti Last night i dreamt a girl i know was sitting with her cousin by a white dastarkhan. She was eating a sandwich and then it was in my hands.i think she offered me some. I took two bites. It was lovely white slices of bread with thinly sliced juicy meat, and lovely green …

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Dream of River and Fried Fish

As-salaamu alaykum Mufti I had a dream where i was in water, maybe a River, and there was also a man in the water to, and the man was serving me very large flat thin white bread which was flowing on top of the water, and on top of the bread the man was putting …

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Muslim owns a Muti Shop

Salaams Mufti, Is earnings from selling MUTI and sexual enhancing products such as Penis Enlarger Creams etc. haram? This person also sells Monkey Urine and all sorts of tribal medicine some of which also contain animal parts. This person is very punctual with Salah and I would like to know if we can eat in …

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