Salaah and purity

assalamu alaikom i once woke up late in the fajr and i was urge to go to the restroom(for toilet) but i controlled it because i was not having time to answer so whilst praying i felt wetness and after completing salah i checked i really found wetness i am suffering from waswaas and i …

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1) I am suffering waswasa regarding kufr and impurity. First when I used to feel I said any kind of kufr statement I used to pronounce shadah agai.then I started getting doubts about impurity also. I felt that I said some thing related to kufr (which I most probably didn’t say) but I tried to …

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Discharge after ghusal

Assalaam Alaikum Mufti Sahab, If a woman has menses or haiz for 6 or 7 days and takes ghusl after seeing the white discharge. Since the white discharge is normally slightly yellowish in color during her pure days. If she sees a slight yellowish discharge on her undergarments, will it be counted as haiz and …

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Validity of fast

Assalamualaikum. Mufti. I normally have a white discharge which i remove from vagina ehen washing with my finger. Whilst making a qadhaa fast i absent mindedly used my finger to remove discharge from the vagina. Is my fast counted or do i have to make another qadhaa.

Discharge on underwear

If there is discharge on underwear is it ok to read salaah with that underwear if it’s less than a 50cents coin

Yellow discharge after menses

Assalaam alaikum, If a woman has menses or haiz for 6 days. On day 7 she sees some white discharge, assuming that her menses is over she takes Ghusl. But at night she sees a slight yellow discharge on the underwear. Will she have to perform Ghusl again in order to become paak? JazakAllah

Women having a clear discharge

Asslaamu alaikum I would like to enquire if wudhu is in tact if a woman has a clear discharge. This usually happens after a period. Jazak Allah

Haidh and fasting

As salaam ualaikum …I took a clean bath last night and read Esha and taraweeh ,at Sheri had slight pinkish discharge so bathed again .Now late this morning had adiscarge of only a pinkish clot in toilet .is fast accepted.Jazakallah

Female nocturnal emission

In madresa I learned that the only time one has to make ghusl due to nocturnal emmision is if one climaxes during sleep and then releases fluid but now i read that if one sees wetness after awaking, whether male or female, one has to make ghusl. It has become very hard for me to …

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