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Aslkm Respected Mufti Saheb

I’ve read through all the Mathaahib Q&A’s and I’m a bit uncertain about certain things. My husband is Hanafi and I was brought up Shafa’ee. For the sake of harmony I am now too, Hanafi. I understand what MuftiSaheb is saying about sticking to one Mathab, however, there are certain duaas in Salaah which are a bit hard for me to let go of such as the opening duaa… “Allahu Akbar Kabeerah…”. I’ve read in the Hisnul Haseen that it is permissible to read it. With the result, only my postures have changed, but not my readings in Salaah. Also between the two sajdahs I read the full duaa “Rabbigh firlee war hamnee, wajbur nee, war fa’nee, war zuqnee, wah dinee, wa ‘aafinee, wa’ fu ‘annee” which I was taught as Shafa’ee. So my Salaah is much longer than Hanafi and I get asked often which Mathab I follow. I do read Qunoot in Witr ‘Eshaa, though.

Am I transgressing?

Are the terms Kassie and Kanala permissible? Or are they Malaysian terms?

Also, I’ve either heard or read that MuftiSaheb says Khadat is bidat. The khadats I’ve attended have inlcluded the recitation of Durood, 99 Names of ALLAH SWT, Surah Yaseen, the Manzil, etc. No actual rituals take place other than thikr. No inter-mingling takes place either. Maaf for my ignorance, MuftiSaheb, but what specifically is impermissible about khadat? Once again, maaf.



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Asked on March 12, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Carry on

2) Permissible

3) Sahabah (R.A.) did not gather in the Masjid or homes to make Zikr, they were successful, Jannatis.

Shariaat has been fully explained.

Deen is easy leave it as such.

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Answered on March 12, 2009 12:00 am