26th Shawaal Just 5 Minutes

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(1) Islaamic History Rasulullaah (SAW)’s daughter Hadhrat Ummu Kulthoom (RA)  
Hadhrat Ummu Kulthoom (RA) was Rasulullaah (SAW)’s third daughter from Hadhrat Khadeeja (RA). She was initially married to Utayba who was the son of Abu Lahab and had not yet started to live with him. When Rasulullaah (SAW) announced his Prophethood, Abu Lahab commanded his son to divorce her. After the demise of her sister Hadhrat Ruqayya (RA), Hadhrat Ummu Kulthoom (RA) was married to Hadhrat Uthmaan (RA) in the year 3 A.H. Rasulullaah (SAW) announced that it was on account of revelation from Allaah that he married her to Hadhrat Uthmaan (RA). She had no children and departed from this world during Sha’baan of the year 9 A.H.
(2) Rasulullaah (SAW)’s Miracle Water does not stop pouring from a waterbag
When the Sahabah (RA) once complained to Rasulullaah (SAW) about the shortage of water, Rasulullaah (SAW) dispatched one of them to search for water. He managed to find a woman with two large waterbags filled with water. When he brought these, Rasulullaah (SAW) sent for a dish in which he emptied the water and then told the Sahabah (RA) to drink from it. The narrator says, “All forty us drank to our fill and filled out our own utensils. I swear by Allaah that after this, the woman’s bags were still as full as they had been initially.”[Bukhaari 3571, from Hadhrat Imraan bin Husayn (RA)]
(3) A Fardh It is Fardh to abstain from interest
In the Qur’aan, Allaah instructs the people of Imaan not to consume interest.[Surah Aal Imraan, verse 130]

It is a grave sin to consume interest, pay it and to use the proceeds in any way because the Qur’aan and the Ahadeeth have sounded grave warnings of punishment for all of this. It is therefore Fardh (obligatory) for every Muslim to abstain from interest in every way.

(4) A Sunnah The Du’aa for Halaal sustenance and beneficial knowledge
Hadhrat Ummum Salamah (RA)reports that Rasulullaah (SAW) recited the following Du’aa after the Fajr Salaah: 

اَللّٰهُمَّ إِنّيْ أَسْأَلُكَ عِلْمًا نَّافِعًا وَّرِزْقًا طَيِّبًا وَّعَمَلًا مُّتَقَبَّلًا

TRANSLATION: O Allaah! I ask You for beneficial knowledge, pure sustenance, and accepted deeds.

[Ibn Maajah 925]

(5) An Important Act and its Virtue Performing Wudhu despite having Wudhu
Rasulullaah (SAW) said that a person will attain the reward of ten good deeds if he performs Wudhu despite having Wudhu already.[Abu Dawood 62, from Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar (RA)]
(6) A Sin The punishment for Kufr is Jahannam
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “Verily those who commit kufr, who forbid (others) from Allaah’s path (Islaam) and then die as Kuffaar, Allaah shall never forgive them (and they shall suffer forever in Jahannam)”.[Surah Muhammad (SAW), verse 34]
(7) This World The Aakhirah is better than this world
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “However, they (most people) prefer the life of this world whereas the Aakhirah is much better and much more lasting”.[Surah A’laa, verses 16-17]
(8) The Aakhirah The pond of Kowthar
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “The cups of the pond of Kowthar areas many as the stars. Whoever drinks from there shall never again be thirsty.”[Ibn Maajah 4303, from Hadhrat Thowbaan (RA)]
(9) Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW) Treating swelling
When Hadhrat Asmaa (RA) developed swelling on her face and head, she sent the message to Rasulullaah (SAW) through her sister Hadhrat Aa’isha (RA). Rasulullaah (SAW) then went there and, from over a cloth, he placed his hand upon the affected area and recited the following Du’aa thrice: 

اَللّٰهُمَّ أَذْهِبْ عَنْهَا سُوءَهٗ وَفَحْشَهٗ بِدَعْوَةِ نَبِيِّكَ

الطَّيِّبِ المُبَارَكِ المَكِينِ عِنْدَ كَ بِسْمِ اللهِ

He then told her to recite the same Du’aa. After doing it for three days, the swelling disappeared.

[Bayhaqi 2430]

(10) Advice fromRasulullaah (SAW)  
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “Never harbour enmity for each other and never sever ties between yourselves, but O servants of Allaah, be brothers to each other by the command of Allaah.”[Bukhaari 6065, from Hadhrat Anas (RA)]
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