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Assalamualykum mufti

If a yogi says that they attain spiritual bliss by quieting the mind and engaging in spiritual excersises and breathing, in doing so attaining oneness with “god” and total spiritual ecstasy. They also claim to see the unseen and have the ablity to perform miracles? They have methods of attaining a higher sense of conciousness proven by those who thread their path and those who have researched their claims. If this is true that they really are connecting within themselves to Allah and they say that they belive only in one god and they belive in the messengers, would we deem them as people of the fire?
2. If it is true and possible for them to reach a spiritual state of ecstasy as they claim then as muslims may we learn from them the method of quieting the mind?

3. Is it possible for them to claim such things?

4. According to a muslim he claims that the treasures of Allah are open to whoever wants to draw from it, that is why these yogis can perform miracles or seen the unseen etc. What does Mufti say? We have been created from Allah as eternal because the taste of death is only bodily but we will then return to barzakh until the day of Hashr and then we will either be eternally enjoying jannah or Allah forbid jahannam.

I’ve read some parts of their works that encourage zuhd and discourage love for the world and these types of things that the sufis speak of in their discourses. Can it be taken that we may agree with them on certain points?

4. Is yoga haraam? Meaning just the breathing excersises and certain poses only to achieve strengthening of muscles?

5. Are there any hadith etc that state that our life spans are for eg only 60-70 years? Or is it at all possible that we may live to for eg 200 years??

Maaf for the long email if.mufti saheb can please reply to each point.

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Asked on June 29, 2016 7:01 am
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1. There are two ways. One via Allaah, the other via Satan. Yogi way is via Satan. That is why certain strange occurrences take place, supported and driven by Satanic forces. Their talk of ‘believing in one ‘god’ is sheer drivel.
2. Yes, via Satan.
3. Yes, via Satanic energy.
4. He speaks from the platform of total ignorance, shun such idiots.
5. Yoga is haraam, the whole of it.
6. Yes, stating between 60-70.
Emailing a book on the evils and conspiracy of yoga. Read completely and let your friend read also.

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Answered on June 30, 2016 11:24 pm