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salaams to you muftie saab.

Id like to know if it ok to keep your wudhu for the entire day and read all your salaats for the day with one wudhu, you see I have this habit of making wudhu in the morning when I leave for work and I read all my salaats for the day with one wudhu, there are times when I really have to go to the toilet, this is a different matter, but as far as I can suppress the need to go I do,the other reason why I also keep my wudhu in is because I once read that the malaaikah make dua for you as long as you are in a pure state and also zikr made in the state of wudhu has more reward, however my friend recently told me that it is not proper to keep your wudhu in for the entire day and you cannot read all your salaats with one wudhu, you have to make a fresh wudhu each time, is this correct and is it ok to be in a state of tahaarit all the time and read all your salaat with one wudhu.

also I would like to know which is the best or most superior zikr,as I keep my lips and tongue busy with zikr all day, which is the best one to make.
also can one make zikr in the mind or in the heart, or does it have to be audible so that one must be able to hear,because I read all the time when I’m busy working or driving,or just simply sitting at the computer.

shukran and salaam to you

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Asked on April 19, 2009 12:00 am
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It is permissible to make all 5 Salaat with one Wudhu.
However do not supress natural need - that is Makrooh
. Read Durood Sharief all the time.

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Answered on April 19, 2009 12:00 am