Why does Allah love some people and not others?

I can’t stop thinking about why Allah has given some people (who committed some sins) good things in life, yet I am struggling to find the same good in my life and I have never done any of these haram things.
1. How do I get over these thoughts?
2. Does Allah loves you more if you commit haram and then ask for forgiveness, rather than if you didn’t commit a sin at all?
3. If what I am making dua for is not coming true, should I understand that it is not written for me and should I stop making dua for that particular thing (I will continue to make dua for other things)?

1 thought on “Why does Allah love some people and not others?”

  1. Understand, Allah is All Knowing, All Wise.
    He tests some with wealth and others without.
    He ties some with difficulties, others with ease.
    Our duty is to be obedient to Him, please Him, understand all circumstances are from Him, making Dual for ease and acceptance not for Sabr which leads to difficulty.
    Then Allaah will make it easy.