Wholesaler of rainbow chickens

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mufti saheb

i am a wholesaler which my income is based on sales from selling rainbow chickens

i have read and seen many emails / posters pertaining to rainbow chickens

my observations are as follows:

1. the majlis has demonised sanha due to sanha revealing majlis’s double standards and inaccurasies in this entire matter of then the earlybird and now rainbow.

the majlis has now gone into a war because of sanha responding to him which affects his pride and stature.

2. the so called 3 man organisation igcmsa is in direct contact with majlis and takes instructions from ml as desai. the very same zaki vawda distributes the majlis and its posters in durban.

3. the jamiat kzn which i am corresponding with has not given me a direct answer pertaining to rainbow chickens.

i have also mentioned to the jamiat kzn that it is the jamiat kzn under the guidance of ml ansaari, ml omarjee and ml y patel accepted rainbow chickens as halal, but no response has been recieved from jamiat kzn.

4. sanha and the jamiat kzn has taken many ulama to rainbow and all these ulama have aacepted that the rainbow chickens are halal. only you from the recent delegation have not accepted the rainbow chickens as halal. initially you mentioned that the chickens are halal and you has reservations on the stunning of the chickens.

sanha has now taken mft raza ul haq to rainbow and has showm mft saheb the entire procedure and he has accepted that the entire procedure including the stunning is halal.

5. the affadavits that the majlis and igcmsa ia purpoting to have in their position, what is the shari position of such utterances and affadavits.

an aalim has advised me that these affadavits have no shari basis. the example he gave was that if an imaam mentions that for the past five years i did not make wudhu when performing salah. do the musallees have to make qadah for all the salah read behind this imam for 5 years or is this the imam’s burden which he will be questioned for.

i am selling rainbow chickens for the past 28 years since the jamiat and now sanha certifes it as halal. as far as i am aware all abattoir whether muslim or non muslim slaughter chicken in the same manner as rainbow.

i need your help and a detailed explanation for me to make a decision.


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Asked on December 1, 2009 12:00 am
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What about the future chickens? Ask the Aalim?
I did not state that it is Haraam as alluded by you.
If the KZN Jamiat changes their stance it does not affect the position of the previous Ulema. New research leads to new rulings.
See site for our latest imput on the matter.
(See our site in days to come for new letter)

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Answered on December 1, 2009 12:00 am