Whatsapp profile stating wife’s position above God’s

Salaam respected Mufti Sahib.

If a Muslim sister(Sara) has the following quote on her whatsapp profile picture:
“When a husband put his wife first, above everyone and everything except God, it gives his wife the sense of security and honour that every wife hungers for.”

A Muslim relative sees this above quote on the Muslim sisters (Sara’s) whatsapp profile picture and says, “you won’t believe what Sara has on, as her whatsapp profile picture. Sara has killed everyone off by putting that quote and showing off about it. That quote is an arrogant and a show off quote. She has put that on to show off and boast about herself, her marriage and her husband. Only someone like Sara would put a quote on like that on her whatsapp profile .That quote is an arrogant quote and it suits someone like Sara who is an arrogant and that type of person. That quote only suits her because she is arrogant and full of pride/proudness. She’s such a show off.’

Does the Muslim relative verbally saying the above lose his/her faith?.

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