What should one do if one is 28 and single

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Slmz. I’m 28 and still not married. I was previously proposed but never followed through. I tink my parents feel I’m a burden to them.its make me sad and depressed and lonely. In the past I have been to several moulanas and all they said I have a bad jinn blocking my way. So they made me perform all these so called rituals to take it away and gave me taweez to wear.at 1 stage I had like 4 to wear.is this an appropriate action on my parents part? Everytime they want to know something they run to a moulana and bring back a taweez. They say the moulana opened the quran. What does dat mean? Is that even possible that if u do such and such this will happen in the next few months?can moulanas use date of birth to tell u ur future n using the quran.I read my quls n ayatul kursi to protect me always.but my parents don’t know that they are damaging my self esteem with all of this.why can’t they let things be and let things happen by natural progression.I agree I’m not the most beautiful but surely I have a life partner too? Why can’t these so called moulana who ‘sees’ tings tell them that they r the ones damaging me?

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Asked on December 30, 2010 12:00 am
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No one can see the future.
Avoid running to and fro to these Moulana's who do such things- they eventually spoil the Imaan.
Moulana's (Amils) can diagnose by various methods whether a person is effected or not.
Read on site out translation "Tried and Tested methods...", choose formula of your choice and use.

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Answered on December 30, 2010 12:00 am