What should be done if ones business partner demands all the shares

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salaam mufti

i was involved with business partner in a business we were 60 me and him 40 he put up the money and me the expertise …then he demanded that we share 50/50 which i agreed to , when the biz went down he demanded my share and then made his lawyer make me sign over my shares and then he told the creditors that the share were 60 /40 and i had to take the major debt into my name
please advise what do i do
he then spread rumours tht i had stoleen money etc , when i tried to explain to people they would believe hima as he is a doctor and i am just retailer
to this day he has a good business and makes money out of it and i am having to pay off the debt.
he lied to people abbout money that was loaned to the business which he knw about then told them that they had loaned me the money and therefore they must collect it from me.
please advise

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Asked on July 27, 2011 11:25 am
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If you had put the 50/50 agreement in then you would have appealed it. Pay off the debt. Make Duaa for expansion/barakaat and blessing in halaal earning - leave the rest in Allaahs hands.

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Answered on July 27, 2011 11:25 am