Wife doesn’t sit for Iddat

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Respected Mufti , my question or need for closure is based on Iddat

1) after a heated argument at my in laws I was provoked and out of anger gave my wife 2 Talaqs

2) I sought the advice of a Mufti that same night and accept that it’s counted..we made up and stayed together for about 5 months after which she left on her own will Nov 2013

3) I did not and refuse to this day to give the 3rd and final Talaq

4) Wife went on to get a Fasaqh in Nov 2014

5) I believe she is seeing another man who says he has 2 other wives

My question is to this day I know without any doubt that she did not sit in her Iddat ..

1)After her Fasaqh , was she suppose to sit in Iddat THOUGH WE WERE NOT STAYING TOGETHER FOR ALMOST A YEAR.

2) In terms of sharia and quranic advice what is the position of such a Muslina in society or as a believing women

3) Mufti , will my ex be allowed to remarry though she has not sat for her Iddat after getting a Fasaqh without me knowing about it.

4) if the answer to the above is No , is it my responsibility to let her new companion know if there was any wrongdoing from my Ex’s part

What upsets me is in a text she actually said ” I don’t care what the Moulanas say”.

I can only make Dua Allah grant me first hidayayh and guide us all on the straight path …Ameen

Jazakallah for your concern , my duas and gratitude to your whole team ..Wslm

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Asked on December 16, 2015 11:48 pm
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1) Yes.
2) She is a person who has committed major sin.
3) I cannot understand how Fasaqh was down without your knowledge.
4) Kindly be sure before you make claims.

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Answered on December 26, 2015 3:03 pm