What Duaas can be read to safety and happiness?

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please mifti saab can you provide me with some duas i can read regarding safety and happiness
im constantly living in fear that my husband will take my 2 kids away from me
how does Allah punish a person who seperates a child from their mother?
how does a person ask for revenge(badla) from Allah?
miftisaab i dont know why but i canstantly curse my cousin and my husband for hurting me.will my curse be accepted by Allah?
what can i read to find happiness?
i found out
my husband was involved with my cousin and im unable to forgive but im too afraid to say whats in my heart
ive read istikhaara namaaz and i feel negative all the time.what does this mean?
after reading 2 nafl and istikhaara namaaz i dont see any dream how do i know if my duas and namaaz was accepted or not?
i read contentment of the heart every morning and evening
can i read it during my haiz period?
any dua i can read so that my problems can be solved in islamic manner
muftisaab any suggestions on how to solve my problem?
(husband involved with my 1st cousin,im unable to forgive and forget,husband never gave upzina,got beaten from my family members,ranaway to foreign country,never leave behind any money,threatens to take my daughters away from me,girls are 3years and baby 7 months which im still breastfeeding,)
pleaase make lots of duas for me muftisaab
please make dua that my kids wont be taken away from me
please do remember me in your duas
jazakallah khair
one depressed sister

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Asked on November 24, 2010 12:00 am
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Read La Hawla wa la Quwata.... in abundance, even in haiz as a Duaa.
Learn to move on in life.
Cursing is of no benefit
Allaah is Just, will decide and mete out punishment accordingly.
Get elders in your family to add

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Answered on November 24, 2010 12:00 am