What can one do if one is not a perfect Muslim

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i have been accepted for hajj this year. i know i am not a perfect muslim. i dont read quraan, i have started to read but have great difficulty. my fear is that i am not reading the quraan correctly, thus i do not read. will i get less reward for trying to read the quraan whilst in makkah and madinah, bearing in mind not correctly or trying to be correct. can i make more tilawat of surahs that i know.i dont read all my salaah. and when i do , i doubt what to read, my concentration is low.
what advise can you offer a muslim brother who knows he needs to change and needs to reform himself. i am a good person. just very lazy when it come to quraan and sunnat. i have started to grow my beard, yet i trim it when it becomes untidy. i hear the athaan, yet delay goinig to the masjid. in my mind i know its wrong, but my heart doesnt feel the shame. i feel that by going for hajj, i might not do myself justice.
i will continue to try, Insha-Allagh remember me and all those brothers who are in the same position as me in your dua’s.
your guidence will be appreciated and may Allah SWT bless you for your hard work.

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Asked on September 5, 2010 12:00 am
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You are moving in the right direction. Do not despair. Try harder. Increase rotation of those Surahs that you know. Not late. Get a teacher to listen to your Quraan.
Be steadfast in Salaat concentration will improve. Avoid bad company. Regard sin as sin.
Be amongst the pious. Make Duaa for your self and family, let the beard flow.
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Answered on September 5, 2010 12:00 am