What can be read for very bad headaches

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as-salaam – u – alaikum wa rahmatullah hi wa baraktuhu.
Dearest Muftie Saheb.
I am so sorry & ask for maaf that i had to trouble you, i know you are extremely busy & you have to help out on so many people’s questions for you to answer.May Allah reward you in abundance for all your help.
1. I have these horrible horrible headaches where it gets to a point of me actually getting someone to punch onto my head to ease the pain & let blood flow again through my head, is there anything in particular a Verse in The Quran that I can read everytime I feel this headache coming on?
2. my husbands sister borrowed some money a few years ago, dropping her sad tears that we feel sorry for her & her husband, so we actually did help out in a big way & were promised to be paid back. When my husband did ask for the money after quiet a while the family got funny & then they all pushed him away, this sister feels just because she is the only sister the brothers must help her, eventually we never got paid & i left it in allah’s hands, but this still upsets me even though the family speaks to each other now everyone is so materialistic & you can actually feel their falseness & that this sister or her husband still feel no shame of what they have done. In order for me to get over this can i write that money out as saddaqah & must i tell them abt it….. if not pls tell me how to block my mind from this i feel like we were betrayed & used.
Shukraan for all your help.

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Asked on November 30, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Increase reading Durood. Hold head and read Ya Salamu.
2) You can write it off as Sadaqah (charity). NOT zakaat. You can inform them

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Answered on November 30, 2010 12:00 am