Wearing nike shoes

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Assalamalaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu,
I wanted to know whether wearing nike shoes is haram? I know that the origin of the name is an ancient greek idol and the logo was based on the “wing” of this false idol but before I knew this I always liked the shoes because of their style and quality and own several pairs of these shoes now. When I see the shoes I don’t think of them as a religious symbol of any kind. They are just shoes to me and I think the name of the company was more of a “symbolic” one. When I wear the shoes, my pants usually cover up the name and most of the logo (the check mark). If I cover up the name with a piece of black tape, would it be permissible to wear it? The logo may show when I sit down and lift my pants.
Thank you for your time and help and jazaak Allah khair brother.
Assalamalaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu

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Asked on June 7, 2013 12:30 pm
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Although not Haraam. It is best to avoid. May cover up. Do not let trouser flow below the ankles if male.
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Answered on June 7, 2013 12:30 pm