Disturbing thoughts about our deen and Allah

AssalamuAlaykum mufti.
A few days before Ramadan I started to experience disturbing thoughts about our Deen, about Allah… basically everything. I ignored it initially as every one gets thoughts like this from time to time. But as time went on it got worse and became so excessive that my Iman was at stake. It felt like I was going crazy and I was getting every evil thought imaginable, thoughts that I’ve never had before. Before, I was always passionate about Islam and was regular with Salaah. Suddenly my heart felt like it was under constant pressure because the thoughts were with me every minute of the day. I still read my Salaah as I know that it’s my link with my creator, but the thoughts are weakening me because I don’t know what MY thoughts are anymore.I don’t know who I am anymore. I go through stages where I cry a lot and stages where I feel dead and numb. I know this is Shaytaan but I dont know how to fight it. I don’t know how to escape it as this is an issue of the mind. How do I escape my thoughts? Due to this, I have become detached to everything around me as I have constant anxiety over my Iman and whether I have allowed it to get this far. I make dua and try and read a lot of zikr but then I’m consumed with doubts and thoughts that make me feel like there’s no point. Even though I am making my Salaah, it sometimes feels like I’m just doing actions and my heart is not in it( because of the thoughts). Please make dua for me and advise me with what I should do, as I’m lost and losing hope.

1 thought on “Disturbing thoughts about our deen and Allah”

  1. Be positive.
    Shun all these thoughts.
    These are whispers of Satan.
    Adopt the company of the righteous.
    Be regular in Salaat.
    Read Quraan daily.
    Keep yourself in Wudhu at all times.