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I was employed by a muslim doctor who has 13 filling stations.
As per his instructions, he registered my wife also as an employee and split my salary by paying half to me
And half into to my wife’s account. ( I had no choice but to accept this arrangement)
He adopts tihis same practice with the manager inĀ =====.
I resigned in December 2014.
Till now I have not received a single salary slip for myself or on my wife’s name for any of the 20 months I worked for him.
He refuses to give me these slips.
I do not even know how my wages were calculated for each month and what deductions were made if any.
Furthermore, I have applied for new jobs and I need this salary slips to prove my salary package on my CV @ interviews.
All I need is for him to provide me with my salary slips…but he refuses.
Please advise, can I … report this doctor to the CCMA? Will this be in accirdance to Sharia?
Can I report him and his company to the Receiver of Revenue for Tax Violation? …or is this against the Sharia?
Or must I just let it be and hope that in my job applications, my word is taken with regards to my salary earned.
There are many skeletons in this doctor and his companies dealings. I do not wish to expose this but i…..
Am I allowed according to Sharia to take action? Or must I just let it be ?
Please advise.

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Asked on July 18, 2016 12:54 am
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Take action by going to him with a few respectable people and present your case.
Failing which tell him you are going to CCMA, then go.
Do not go to SARS.

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Answered on July 19, 2016 4:43 pm