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Thank you for your reply to the Question ID: 33724 (copied and pasted below).
Need a clarification. Does your answer to Question ID: 33724 mean than it is not kufr but haraam and sinful?

Question ID: 33724
Salaam Mufti Sahib
Q: Is a Muslim a kaafir by any of the below:

If a muslim buys, downloads, plays, sets up the computer for his children to play or asks his children to come and play video games and computer games, in which statements of kufr and shirk are said or written by the game(not the person playing it) or statements of kufr and shirk are said or written by the game(not the person playing it) at the achievment of a goal or a certain action (by the gaming instruments). OR in the game a character is chosen(so this character can be controlled and played with)who has and displays super powers and who might be a false Greek god or a false god or says kufr and shirk statements. OR, for example if you win a sports/competition cup then there is “press release” in the game that the fans of your football team adore/idolize/bow down to you because you have won the cup. OR another example is if you play a football game where during the game the commentator says about a player of a team “he is a soccer god” or the like. OR if you play with or against a team which has a team emblem that contains christian signs like the cross or other false religions signs. OR if in the game your character fights a false god or a master in the game and also if the person playing this verbally says ” he is the master” (only referring to the fictional character in the game and and not believing in them as a master) or verbally saying “I’m fighting or killing or killed a master.” OR if you play or be a character in the video game where you create humans, charcters, worlds and bring dead back to life etc(but not having any belief in them). ETC.

Jazakallah khairan

Asked on May 21, 2017 11:12 pm
All the above are Haraam. Abstain. Shun. Leave out.
Answered on June 12, 2017 3:08 pm

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