Dream of lost son and a flood

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assalamu alaikum

I have contacted you because of an very bad dream, and while I was searching the internet, i have heard you know a lot of this subject.

Are you willing to help me?

It where two dreams:

The first dream was about a scene where I was going with some relatives (nephews which I don’t really like) into town. But we hear a flood alarm and I see a flood coming our way. We were running but after a while I lost my relatives in the run. Then I was on a safe place but I saw how te flood set the whole town under water. After a while the water gets away, WITHOUT anything harmed! Just the way it was, except wet ofcourse.

I am worried because the last time I have seen this, something terrible happened to me and my family.

The second dream is even worse becauwe me and my wife had the same night the same dream!!! This is the first time in my life.

So I was at an train station with my youngest son (I have 4 sons) and suddenly he was dissappeared. I thought he died somewhere and I was becoming crazy, shouting and searching but I did not find him. After a LONG time I hear a response on my shouting: ‘yes daddy?’ while he sat next to another child playing. And so the dream ends. This is the same thing which my wife dreamt.

Can you explain this dream to me please because I am relly worried. And what can I do to undo the harm/ misfortune for the future?

Hoping you can help me
Kind Regards

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Asked on December 4, 2015 9:27 pm
Private answer

Although you and your family will be attacked by an enemy, no one will get hurt.

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Answered on December 22, 2015 9:54 pm