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1)please mufti sahab dua for me i am very needy, my family disgrace me, i need a home for living, i have only dependent on my father and brothers, i am jobless. i always worry about my rozi and shadi. please dua for me Allah help me, i am struggling for my deen every day. i give many exam and interview for job but i failed in that. nothing in my favor, i want marry but i have no provision. i want keep beard and want to go for jamat in 40 days but could not go, because of that problem, every body laughing on me.
2)kia internet per hum islami dawat ka kam kersakte hain.
3) kuch saal pelhe ek lady me mujse kaha tha ke tum yeh taviz ek darackt(tree) per band do, mene band diya tha, jab see me ne mehsoos kia he ki mujue bimaria ziada ho gahi hain or me rozgar ke liye dar dar bhatak raha ho. he kia masla hai iska utara batain.

4)agar rozgar ko kisi ki nazar lagjay to uska kia illaj hai.
5) woman ko namaz standing position me ya sitting position me perne chahiye.
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Asked on September 7, 2010 12:00 am
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To all questions:
1) Read Salaat regularly and Quraan Tilawaat.
2) Yes
3) Read 'Manzil' daily. Drink itr water.
4) Read Surah Baqarah aloud in house for 40 days.
5) For Fardh standing.

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Answered on September 7, 2010 12:00 am