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Assalam o alaikum,
Respected Mufti Sahab, I am really in trouble and do not know what to do and how to go about. I had written to you on various occasions about my job. I waited for a long time but till now no success has come. How long can a person keep patience and keep on doing good acts. When success does not come one is forced to do things against shariah as he is a human being and does not have that level of patience and on top of that satan is always on the lookout and when ever he finds someone even a little loose on Emaan and Good acts he pounces on him or her.
Qustion: It is been nearly a year and I am un-employed. I left my previous job on and around 25th of sep 2013. Since then I am trying to find another job but have failed continuously. I had written to you and you gave me suggestion and wazifas etc to read. The qstn no. and dates are as follows:, 10629 on 22/1/14, 10882 on 4/3/2014, 11261 on 24/5/2014, 11284 on 16/5/2014 and 11633 on 13/8/2014. You have answered all the question and I have been doing the things told to do by you like reading Surah Waqiyah every night except sometimes I miss. Reading Namaz five times with jamat except sometimes I miss jamat and sometimes it gets Qadha also, Reading Quran daily, reading wazifa, reading manzil daily and blowing on water and drinking etc etc etc…… But inspite of all these there is no success. What is the problem I do not know? Can one read surah Waqiyah after Esha prayers or any other time say after zohar prayer, or one has to read it only at night and before going to bed strictly?
My mother and I have arguments literally everyday on account of this. I know it’s not her fault but what should I do I am trying my best, I went for interviews also, but still I am not getting a proper job of my liking and degree.

1. Like I am getting jobs but those jobs are not of my choice. I am a B.Com graduate and have job experience in Account and office work, so I want a job relating to this. But I am getting a job of selling chicken in the market. I am getting a job of salesman to do counter sale of cloth etc. I am getting a job of a call centre (customer care) which I do not want to do as I firstly miss my namaz on time, secondly the environment in which the calling person sits, there are girls and women working also. So I in the first case do not even go for interview for this kind job. And then there is Taraweeh which I might miss and various other situations. So I keep safe.

2. I feel that I am a qualified a B.com graduate and I will do a job of a salesman or sell chickens or sit in the medicine shop, so what was the need to study so much and waste my time and my fathers money in studying, if I had to do this kind of job. Let me make me one thing clear that I do not look upon people who work as a salesman or sell chickens etc. If it is a halal job it is good, I have no objections people doing it. But I myself feel that this kind of job is not for me as I am educated, so I want a good halal job which is of my standard with regard to my degree. Is thinking or wanting a job like that is wrong. What should I do?

3. A local maulana of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah told me to read Surah Yaseen after fajir prayer with niyat of a job and make dua. Should I go about it. As I am reading 7 times Darud, 7 times Surah Fathiyah and 7 times Aitul Kursi as given by you to read afer fajir prayer.

4. I have heard about a Hadith it is somewhat like this : if any one asks others for his need Allah opens the door of more need for him. And if someone puts his trust in Allah and only asks him he will fulfill the need of his. Here I want to ask does my asking and requesting people for job falls under this category and that is why I am punished and not getting a job as I understand this meaning. What is the correct hadith and its meaning.
Please answer as soon as possible from your Ilm point of view.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on September 15, 2014 4:21 pm
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1) Keep reading Surah Waaqiyah after Maghrib or before retiring to bed.

2) Take any Halaal earning job then keep looking.

3) You can also read Surah Yaseen as per the advice of the Aalim.

4) This is asking others is adopting means and not Shirk.


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Answered on September 15, 2014 4:21 pm