Treating parents well

In islam it is Fardh (obligatory) to treat one’s parents well in every condition.
But what if the father is not fulfilling his duties as a good Muslim, a husband and as a father. What if he is not praying and using the things that are forbidden in Islam…like using drugs and cigarettes. Also he is telling lies and after repeatedly advicing him to mend his ways and not to do haram things he is not listening. He will pray one day but the otherday he won’t.. He does not spend on his family but he earns money..instead giving it to some of his partner in crime to buy haram things. He even steals from his own house. So in this case what should be done??
Plz answer my question quickly.

1 thought on “Treating parents well”

  1. You should respect him. Treat him well. Advice him constantly. Avoid confronting him. Do not fund him.
    Encourage him to have good company. Make every effort to cut him from drugs and bad character traits. Make Duaa for him.