Travelling and working with non mahram men

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Slms mufti

My husband allowed me to do a some work with a non mahram relative of his.
He did not mind us doing work alone or travelling together as my husband had to work elsewhere.
I was not happy with the idea. However we became friends during this time.

The problem is I don’t want to communicate with a non mahram now as I know it’s haraam.
My husband doesn’t want me to contact this guy anymore… which I don’t.
This guy was quite shocked when he heard about our thoughts and said he won’t contact me anymore as he respects marriage and family.

The only problem is I can’t stop thinking about this guy from the time I awaken… my heart is broken. The pain is too much.

I’m sure mufti is going to tell me about nafs and if you leave something for the sake of Allah SWT then Allah SWT will give you better. The inner pain I feel is undescribable plus we are heavily in debt.


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Asked on May 29, 2017 5:03 pm
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Firstly, recognize sin as sin. Know fully well that what you did was Haraam and a Major sin. Now make a proper Taubah be sincere in repentance, promise never to do it again, be regretful and remorseful, make a lot of Istikhfaar.
Read “La Hawla wala Quwata……” when this thought comes to your mind.

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Answered on June 12, 2017 5:30 am