A group of women travelling with one of the woman’s mahram

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Hazrat I was reading the following:

One example of a wrong ruling that the Ulama of these institutes give to their students is that for ‘special’ circumstances a group of sisters can travel more than 48 miles as long as there is one mahram of one of the sisters in the group. Some of my close relatives and friends follow this ruling and it looks like any Aalim can decide when these ‘special’ circumstances apply. But I was even more shocked to learn that this ruling is not a new ruling. The senior Ulama of the big madrasahs in this country issued this ruling many years ago, when girls madrasahs started. In order that girls can be transported from their homes to these madrasahs, the senior ulama said that one mahram in the van or coach is sufficient. They also said that this is a very ‘special’ ruling and should not be publicised.

I request The Majlis to comment on this ruling of senior ulama of the UK who are very big and famous ‘buzurgs’, and regarded as ‘Walis’ of Allah. (Genuine Ulama and Walis do not issue haraam twaddle as ‘fatwas’. – The Majlis) Who can decide when to apply these ‘special circumstances’? Now it looks like any group of Aalims and buzurgs can decide when these ‘special’ circumstances apply so that women can travel over 48 miles in a group. And then other Aalimahs take further advantage of this ruling by deciding that they can decide themselves when these ‘special’ circumstances apply such as going sight-seeing to ‘appreciate’ the wonders of Allah, and even coming home extremely late at night.

Is their any proof for their view for allowing woman to travel like this?
Someone said Majlis May Be to harsh.
I’m asking because my wife travelled like this when she was younger during her studies before our marriage, I told her she should do Taubah. But she says it’s fine.

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Asked on November 24, 2017 9:36 am
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Your wife will not make ‘Taubah’ because she is a product of such a institute that is based upon wrong ideologies.
Most of the Ulema are not pro female Darul Ulooms.
Why has this senior Mufti not shown his ‘special’ ruling to the Ulema or the public.
The error does not lie with our wife totally but in that institute.
This special rulings legalizes many Haraam activities. But the Ulema are afraid to speak out.
Allaah save us.

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Answered on December 8, 2017 7:57 pm