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Assalamu-alaikum Mufti Saheb

I have 2 questions to ask you.

1) Recently I was invited to an interview near Centurion. I stay in Durban. The company agreed to pay for my travel expenditure. They said I should keep the petrol receipts and email it to them. I travelled with my car from from Durban to Jhb. He filled a full tank which amounted to R850. Only half the tank was used when we reached Jhb. The next day I travelled from Jhb to centurion with my uncle. He filled for an amount of R200. My return fro Jhb to Durban was with a different friend and he did not charge me. I emailed the slips which amounted to R1050 to the company. The first friend charged me R300 for the trip from Durban to Jhb. That was my total travel cost. If the company pays the total R1050 to me, am I supposed to inform them that my travel cost amounted to R300 and return the rest or can I use the rest of the amount for myself?
2) Few months back I heard a Q&A of Mufti sahebs wherein it was said that qadha should be read over sunnat namaaz. My questions are as follows:

A) Does this apply to sunnat ghair muakkada only or either sunnat namaaz?

B) If I intend trying to cover up my lifes qadha, can I concentrate on fajr and zuhr only and then move on to asr and so forth?

C) if (B) is yes, will it be permissible for me to make one collective niyyat for all 2 and 4 rakats to be a qadha for fajr and zuhr (obviously with the exception of my normal farz namaaz)? Or do I have to make a niyyat before each qadha?

D) Will it be permissible to read tahajjud or must I read qadha during that time?

Jazak-Allah for your time.
Please remember me in your duas.

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Asked on October 14, 2013 11:56 pm
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1) Inform and return the rest

2) You heard wrongly. There is no Qadha for Sunnat, except for the Fajr ones if has to do so then it can be done before Zawal.

b) Do one Salaat at a time - Zohr then Asr etc.

c) do one Salaat at a time

d) Read Salaat of Tahajjud then Qadha

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