Dream of a white towel; Inside the Kaaba and needing to go to the bathroom

Assalamualaikum Mufti Saab. After making istikhara for guidance in life, i had these two dreams.
1. There was a white towel on a bed in a friends house. Some more clean towels in the drawer and im not sure but i think my mum was drying herself with a towel after having a shower.
2. I was inside the kaaba and i needed to go to the bathroom so i decided to exit. There were many people pushing trying to enter the kaaba whilst i tried to get out. Once outside the kaaba i heard the asr adhan going and i thought but i didn’t hear it inside the kaaba or else i would have stayed for asr. I quickly secured a spot to pray asr in the haram with my belongings and then went to the bathroom. I made my way back to the kaba so i could pray magrib inside. I was surprised as it was easy to enter, very few people inside. It was quite large and there were comfortable couches. Once inside i pictured myself entering wearing a short sleeve tshirt, so i put a maroon burqa on which was available for use in the kaaba. I don’t know what happened to my beige burqa i was wearing. In the kaaba i met two ladies i know. One of them previously asked my family to make dua for her to perform hajj, the other i had previously asked about islamic/arabic studies. When i saw her i realised we were all there for hajj and mentioned i hadnt taken up studies as i wanted to be free to travel to makkah during the hajj period. Only now i realised that the islamic studies classes had a holday during the hajj period so the other lady could come.

I would like to know the meaning of these dream.
Jzk. Sister.

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