Time to read zuhr and asr till

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Salaam Mufti.
Until what time is it permissable to read Zohr namaaz and Asr namaaz?

I finish work at 4 and go to a friends house nearby and read my Zohr namaaz. Shortly after 5 o clock i then read my Asr namaaz before going home.I am not a musafir.Is this permissable?

Is it permissable to read namaaz with out Jamaat?


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Asked on January 7, 2009 12:00 am
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Zuhr can be read until the shadow of the object is 1/2 times its length.
Then Asr sets in
. Safe - get a local perpatual time table and follow.
Males should make every possible effort to perform Salaat in Jamaat not females.

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