Thoughts of divorce

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Salaam Mufti sb
Further to question ID 34658 answered on 13th January 2018, I have a further question for you.
As mentioned earlier in last question, my husband is a known case of OCD and depression on medications. For last 2 weeks he has stopped using medications without advice of psychiatrist.Today I had an argument with him and during that argument he asked me in Urdu: TUM DAFA HO JAO (he was in kitchen making his breakfast and I was coming from lobby to kitchen again and again to fight with him and by word DAFA HO JAO he meant that go back to lobby). He told me later that while he was saying these words a thought of divorce came into his mind like a flash. Now he is very anxious and confused about it that it was a thought or real intention. He told me that since then he is getting lot of waswasas and he will start his medications again. He is so scared that later on he was telling me first the words that I have no intention before saying anything to me. He told me that since he has read about the fatwas and about kanaya words, every time he speaks these words like CHALEY JAO, JAO even in routine life, these thoughts come into his mind from nowhere and it appears to him that he is saying these words with intention. For example, few months back we were downstairs and I was going upstairs, he asked me that Are you going upstairs, I replied yes and then he told me OK PHIR JAO. It was just a routine conversation but he told me that same thought came into his mind while saying OK JAO . Mufti sb, in my opinion, these thoughts come into his mind only because now he knows that this thing can happen with intention as well by using kanaya words rather than explicit words. He agrees with me in this regard.He is very worried and does not know how to get rid of these thoughts while using these words even in routine life.
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Asked on March 22, 2018 8:28 pm
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If he says those words thinking of divorce, then one Talaaq occurs.

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Answered on April 15, 2018 3:09 pm