Doubt about wifes Imaan and Nikaah

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A Muslim husband thinks his wife has committed kufr. And he is worried that her Imaan is lost and their Nikaah is broken.

He thinks this because his wife once used to work with children in a nursery. And in the nursery Christmas,easter, Diwali etc were celebrated. For example making colourful festive/christmassy/Easter displays and themes, making festive/christmassy/Easter cards, singing festive/christmassy/Easter songs, making Santa Claus, making Easter eggs, wishing happy christmas/Easter/ Diwali, giving and taking Christmas/Easter presents, making Easter bonnets, eggs, chicks etc.

The husband is not sure if his wife had any respect and honour for the above celebrations and activities whilst taking part in these types of celebrations and activities with the Kuffar work colleagues.

Should the husband ask his wife whether she had respect and honour for the above celebrations and activities or should he ignore these thoughts, feelings and maybe doubts and continue with life/marriage?


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Asked on July 8, 2016 5:34 pm
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Ignore all thoughts.
Keep talking about a Muslim must never honour, hold in respect all what you have stated.
Must leave a teaching post.

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Answered on July 11, 2016 12:46 pm