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Mufti Sahib, we are not very intellectual and don’t understand Your answer to Question ID: 32584.
Please give us an answer in simple words.
Our question is that we need a clarification to the answer number 2 for question ID: 32523 (Also copied and pasted below).

The husband has asked his wife if she had belief in what she verbally said about the soul/atma coming back to Earth after death to do things (as explained and mentioned in question ID: 32523). The wife has said that she had no belief in it. The husband doesn’t seem convinced by her answer. Anyway Should the husband ignore his thoughts/suspicions and believe his wife and proceed with marriage and life?

Previous answer and question copied and pasted below:
Question ID: 32523
If a husband and wife are watching an Indian drama/film/programme/documentary. And this Indian drama/film/programme/documentary is showing a person’s soul/spirit who was killed innocently comes back to Earth to take revenge. And as the husband and wife watches this, the wife verbally says, ” the person’s soul/atma has come back to Earth to take revenge on his/her killer because she/he was killed innocently etc” (the wife uses the words atma and soul. ‘Atma’, Which is a hindu word for soul, holy spirit, the World Soul. )

The husband is not sure if his wife said the above with the intention of belief or believing in it. The wife also verbally said a few more things regarding a person’s soul coming back to Earth. But the husband can’t remember what the exacts words she said.

1)Does the wife become a kaafir verbally saying the above?
2) If the husband is convinced that his wife verbally said the above with belief in it, should the husband ask her if she had belief in what she verbally said (above) or should he ignore his thoughts/suspicions?
Asked on February 11, 2017 1:17 am
1) No.
2) Best to clarify matters. Stop seeing films..

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Asked on March 12, 2017 1:14 pm
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These words have lead to my decision, “The wife has said that she had no belief in it” / “The husband is not sure if the wife said….” / “But the husband can’t remember what the exact words she said…”.

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Answered on March 26, 2017 10:03 pm