The narration of Hadhrat Raafi bin Khadeej (RA)

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Assalamu alaikkum
. Dear Respected Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elyas sb
. May allah reward you abundantly for translating Hayatus Sahaba in english. May allah make it more beneficial to whole ummah and make the ummah to achieve the aim of compiling Hayatus Sahaba by highly Respected Author.

In our home, we read Hayatus Sahaba every alternative morning after fajr salah.
Yesterday We were reading thenarration below of Hadhrat Raafi bin Khadeej (RA).
The incident is translated only partially. My friends were surprised at this.

Q1. Pl give the full incident.

Q2. Please explain the wisdom behind translating only the portion of incident and not translating the remaining.
Q3. I have heard from my friends that Hayatus Sahaba does not contain any week narrations. But I want to get it confirmed from yourself (to make my heart at peace), As a translator, please confirm with me that all 3 volumes does not contain week narrations.

Hayatus Sahaba Vol-2, page 377.
The Narration of Hadhrat Raafi bin Khadeej (RA)
Hadhrat Raafi bin Khadeej says, “My uncle came home one day and said
to me, ‘Today Rasulullaah had forbidden us from something that has been
very beneficial for you. However, obedience to Allaah and His Rasulullaah is
even more beneficial for you … ” The rest of the narration concerns hiring out
property. (1) Abdur Razzaaq, as quoted in Kanzul Ummaal (Vol. 8 Pg.73).

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Asked on April 9, 2014 2:23 pm
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1) We have checked the original in our possession. We have faithfully translated as per the original.

2) We have not as yet seen an academic appraisal of the narrations recorded in Hayaatus Sahabah.

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Answered on April 9, 2014 2:23 pm