the name mufti is a bidah ???

the name mufti is a bidah !! there where no muftis at the era of PROPHET SAW… where did u get the term from….
is it true that the first to enter jahanam are the ulemaa and qari who mislead the people and cause disunity ???

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  1. -Where did the words Fardh, Wajib, Sunnat, Sunnat-e-Muakhiddah, Mustahab, Nafl, Mubah, Haram, Makrooh, Tahrimi, Saheb, Mashoor, and Dha’eef etc come from.
    Kindly do not display your ignorance.

    As for the rest of your queries.

    -Kindly provide examples, we will look carefully into each of your claims and provide adequate answers.
    At no stage have we said we know all.
    See rest of our website.