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Assalmoalaikum, what do the respected Ulema say regarding this issue?

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Often the same Eid is observed on two different days in the same city, school, workplace, and sometimes even in the same house. Many Muslims are deeply troubled by this difference, and expect the Muslim leadership to work out a solution. But the overall solution seems to escape our grasp despite many efforts over the years. While some Muslim scholars insist that Islamic dates be based on a local sighting of the crescent, others insist on an international sighting. But if this MAJOR difference cannot be overcome there is a lesser problem that may be solved more easily.


A masjid or organisation would usually choose one of the methods and hence one day of Eid to the exclusion of the other. Those worshippers at a masjid who do not agree with the method adopted by the masjid, and hence the day of Eid there, would have to find an alternative place to offer the Eid prayer. This is often not too difficult to find in some cities, especially larger ones such as Toronto where the prayer locations are many. But even here those who feel the need to pray at an alternative location may feel excluded from the masjid on this joyous occasion. For example, someone may have prayed all Ramadan in a mosque only to find at the end that he cannot attend the Eid prayer there because it is being held, according to him, on the wrong day.

Whereas each individual must choose one of the alternative days for his or her own Eid, it would be of great benefit if the masjids and organisations, while adopting an official day of Eid, could allow those who differ to offer their prayer on the same premises on the alternative day. This would make every individual feel that the difference is not one that drives him or her away from his or her favourite masjid. For example, given our most recent experience, the proposal is that a masjid that celebrated Eid on Tuesday could have allowed those who insisted that Wednesday is the correct day to come in and offer their Eid prayer on Wednesday.

Is this proposal permissible according to the Shariah?

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Asked on December 1, 2008 12:00 am
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This proposal is not Islaamic. Trying to suggest a so called minor solution to the major problem is erroneous. The major problem must be addressed which rotates around two factors, Firstly i.e. (1) birth of moon (2) sighting of the moon. The correct  ruling is on the sighting then whose/which sighting - local or Saudis - the correct view is local. Then local to what extent. If in East then provided the process of testification is Shaari compliant then the distance is great but if the west then 500 km with proper valid due process of testification.

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Answered on December 1, 2008 12:00 am