Reminding students to pray Christian prayer

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I pray you are well.

If a Muslim works as a supply teacher (cover teacher who covers absences of permanent teachers) in the U.K. for a recruitment agency and he is sent to many schools to cover classes in case a teacher is absent or out of class etc. As a supply teacher he goes into a school and teaches from a plan that’s already written or set up.

One of the schools he is sent to is a Christian school. In the Christian school it’s their daily routine to say a prayer using Jesus name before lunchtime, after lunchtime, in the morning and before end of day. If the Muslim supply teacher does NOT join in with their prayers but asks or reminds the class to say their prayer. Does reminding or asking the class to say the Christian prayer make him a kaafir?

The supply teacher does not read, join in or believe in any Christian prayers.

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Asked on March 26, 2016 12:48 pm
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He must not ask for Kufr/Shirk to be recited. He must remain silent making Istikhfaar in abundance.

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Answered on April 9, 2016 2:38 pm