Relationship with ex husband after divorce

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I need further help and guidance. please see correspondence below, I have written to you on 15 September 2016 regarding my issues, you have provided with a just and fair answer (Allah Knows Best) and I have taken full obedience in the advise (below) with the accordance of practising my Deen more and more.
I have also been reading my Istikahar Namaaz for a while now. Since then , things are changing within both our hearts.
we are communicating in a better and respectful way, we are falling in love with each other.
My question is : after the talaak took place, I moved to my own place , and since Feb , we have a good relationship and our feelings for one another have become stronger.
I have advised him we will follow the Shariah ,as im not prepared to live in Zina or commit sin(since I am a revert, I don’t know much)
is he allowed to come to my place, are we allowed to go out as a family with my son, etc?
do I have to marry another man, divorce and then remarry him?

I need your assistance desperately, ever since my Iddat, I have grown to embrace Islam immensely , and the Fear of Allah is within me, im so scared of doing anything that will be against the Will of Allah.

please help me.

Please provide me with advise , as I am afraid of living in Sin, I am Sunni (Hanfi) please guide me accordingly .
13 August 2016, my husband telephonically granted me 1 talaak.
A few min later he messaged me via wats app – “I grant you 3 talak” ( please see attached proof)
My concerns are:

I have not been sitting in Iddat as yet, can I start from today?
Is this Talak vaild (he provided me 3 talak, in anger) according to him, he will have a meeting with me after 3 months and decide if he still wants me back? Don’t I have I say?
We have been separated since early this year, and now have decided to move out with my son , what happens after my Iddat period?
I have no intentions of reconciling after the 3 months (Allah knows Best ) What rights does my husband have over me after my Iddat period?
Please guide me

Pertaing to your correspondence, the following refers;

1) The Talaaq was issued in the form of Mughallaza (3 irrevocable divorce decrees) thus rendering the Nikah as dissolved. The option of revoking the Talaaq is not applicable and reconciliation is only possible after the Halaalah process (Your marriage to another man, consumation of the marriage and divorce which is not pre-empted).
2) The Iddat period (consisting of 3 complete and consecutive mentsrual cycles) was effective from the moment you had become aware of the divorce i.e 13 August 2016.
3) Due to lack of understanding on your part, there is no need to re-commence the Iddat as of current, however you must observe the waiting period (Iddat) for the remainder of the duration. The Iddah will be concluded after the completion of your 3rd menstrual cycle.
4) You are free to marry another of your choice (if you so wish) after the Iddat period, and your ex-husband has no further right over you as you are no longer considered as his wife according to Shariah (Islamic Law).

And Allah Almighty knows best.

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Asked on April 1, 2017 1:15 pm
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If 3 Talaaqs where given then you will have to marry another first.

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Answered on April 9, 2017 7:43 pm