Talaaq notice sent as a threat

Aslamualaikum Mufti Sahib,
i am stuck in big difficult situation .I am living in the uk and married three months back in pakistan then i brought my wife here to the uk within a month i find out she was not happy with me and she wanted to marry someone else but her parents got her to marry me .Everyday she use to have an argument with me for nothing so i sent her back to Pakistan. Her family was not accepting their fault and kept themselves quiet and did not have any contact with me and my family . I got frustrated and appointed a lawyer in pakistan to make a talaq notice to threaten them . he made the talaq notice on stamp paper and on that paper it was clearly mentioned Divorce Divorce and Divorce ( talaq e salasa) and she can remarry after her idat period is over. I read that letter and signed considering it as a notice only and sent it to pakistan to my lawyer. He got that letter and before submitting it to court we decided to send a photo copy of this letter to her parents to break the silence and planned if they contact my family or me than i will not submit it to court. Here i was sure that if i submit that letter to the court than one talaq will take place than after a month second and third thereafter by pakistani law. when her family got that letter they came to see my family and apologise and accepted every thing and apologized to me and my family. when My brother read this letter he told me that it is clear Talaq now my wife is haram for me .

i never know that the letter i was sending is actually a three divorce . i had no intention of giving my wife the talaq and i followed the pakistani law as per my lawyer all happend by mistake. In the back of my mind i was assuming that if submit it to court than one talaq will happen . Please guide me whether the talaq happened or not ?

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