Standing up for the national anthem

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I was at my daughters school with my wife for a function, at the start of which the National Anthem was played and everybody was asked to stand up. My wife and I stood up as well. In Pakistan, in many schools, the day starts with the national anthem being sung. Similarly, the anthem is sung at many other occasions that have some national significance.
Researching online I found that there is no consensus on this. Opinions range from declaring it shirk to declaring it leading to shirk to saying that its not shirk unless if there are shirk words in the anthem or a person goes overboard with veneration towards the country etc.

1. Is standing up for the national anthem shirk given that the flag, national anthem or what these symbols represents, is not worshipped at all?

2. If it is shirk, is it a major or minor shirk? Do my wife and I have to take shahada and reperform nikkah ?


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Asked on March 15, 2017 3:16 pm
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1) It is Makrooh.
2) No.

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Answered on March 26, 2017 12:55 pm