Spaying cats

As salaam mu aliakum Mufti Saab

In my household we took in 2 abadoned kittens . We cared for them for the last 6 months and they becoming adults . Vets have told us that as they are becoming older they will start to mark their territory in our home by urinating on furniture and ejaculating in spaces of the home . We don’t allow them outside to reproduce because we stay on the 12th floor of a building . Keep in mind that if we let them out they most likely will die as we have brought them up in our home . Also if we left them in the outside as babies without food consistently they would not have had the desease free life they have now . We have taken them to monthly visits to vets for vaccinations as well keeping them healthy .

My question with regards to the above is if it’s permissible to have them spayed or neutered so that they can not reproduce or spray our household . Also the process is mainly painless and it does not harm the kitten in any way for the future .

Jazakallah khairan

1 thought on “Spaying cats”

  1. Do not stop a natural activity of those cats.
    Hand them over to the relevant authorities who will take the necessary care of them.