Believing that the soul comes back to earth after death

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If a Muslim, due to Lack of Islamic knowledge and understanding about the soul after death, verbally says and believes that the soul/spirit/Ruh/atma (the Muslim also uses the words atma and soul. ‘Atma’, Which is a hindu word for soul, holy spirit, the World Soul) comes/came back to earth or can/could/does come back to Earth after death to wander around Earth, visit friends and families, visit friends and families on Thursday night and Ju’maah night/day and complete unfinished business, take revenge against people that have killed them, come back because they died or got killed because they didn’t get married to their true love, haunt their killers/enemies/evil people, do what they want/need to do etc and other similar statements etc.

If due to Lack of Islamic knowledge and understanding and maybe due to Ignorance, does the Mulsim(mentioned above) become a kaafir if he does the above thinking, verbal sayings, belief or any of the above?


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Asked on November 24, 2017 5:20 pm
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All these beliefs are baseless.
If a person, willfully tries to justify them then the person will leave the fold of Islaam.
This person has to be extremely cautious for such statements are statements of deviates, mis-guided innovators.
He must retract, repent and it will be safe to renew his Imaan and Nikah.

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Answered on December 8, 2017 8:00 pm