Sister in law causing problems in the family

Mufti I’m getting really fed up and upset with my older brother his wife is always try to make arguments even my sister is always accusing I have changed to an extent keep my distance but when I want to see the kids they ban me or don’t open their door especially his wife all of this negative circles which has been going on for a few good years makes me upset and loose my dignity ie shouting arguing only when someone accuses me wrongly and starts picking on me the three of them I’m almost at my last tither even thinking of not seeing them for a good while but hen I think shaitaan will win so I put myself out there to be open to attacks and arguments when I do eventually decide to see them it’s really bringing me down almost when things are good on an eeman level then this family ruins it for me what can I do better or even do? My brother is mostly on mute and if he does talk acts like an immature child arguing accusing etc

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