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You have written:’They border on the brink of Kufr.’
Does this mean they are still Muslims but sinners?

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If two Muslims are watching an Indian film and in the film they show two Indians/Hindus/Sikhs getting married just by the indian/Hindu/sikh man putting a sindoor into the woman’s head/ forehead. (Sindoor is a red pigment made from powdered red lead, especially as applied as a dot on the forehead or in the parting of the hair of married Hindu women.)

Whilst watching this the first Muslim says (maybe in a joking manner): ‘that’s nice and easy when getting married, just put the sindoor into the ladies forehead/head and the marriage is done.’
And the second Muslim replies by saying: ‘yes’.

Does the second Muslim leave the fold of Islam?


Both are worst type of sinners.
They border on the brink of Kufr.
Both must make sincere Taubah and Istikhfaar and stop watching such filth.
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