Dream of eating chicken and an injured sparrow

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Salaam molana

I wanted to do istikhara about something but didnt pray the namaz or the long dua but just the short one and i asked Allah swt to show me whether it was good or not.

Dream 1: i was inside of my home and i went in to the kitchen and their was cooked chicken their so i started eating it and some of my relatives came and joined me in eating it.

Dream 2: i was with my friend and he wanted to buy light bulbs so we went and bought 3 long light tubes and a small light bulb then we walked in to another shop and i looked all the light tubes on sale on one wall which was shining bright white. We went over to the counter and the person was trying to persuade us to buy something for £1000 whoch he said would be ideal and we would get 6 years gueantee and 2 years warentee and few other extras.
(In real life in the business theirs me and my friend and a silent partner who i would just goive a small amount too so if my brother joined that would make 4 of us in total which was the same number of lights in the dream)

Dream 3: i was walking towards the back of a house and i seen a injured sparrow so picked it up in my hand and walked in to a garden with green grass trees bushes and plants. I seen another bird a few feet away from me and it flew away when i came. I placed the injured bird on a small platform with a little shelter above it.

I dont know if these dreams are related to my short istikhara dua because i did not pray the usual 2 rakats and long dua. But if its not related could you please tell me the meaning anyway jazakAllah

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Asked on July 22, 2017 10:07 am
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Answered on August 4, 2017 9:43 pm